Steven Fowler named 'Top 100 IoT Influencer' by

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Posted: July 9, 2017
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Steven Fowler named ‘Top 100 IoT Influencer’ by Postscapes

Postscapes has compiled a list of Top 100 people influencing the topic of IoT on a daily basis whether through their evangelizing, standardizing or through their own companies.

At the time of this writing Steven Fowler is ranked #61


Postscapes partnered with influencer analytics to determine its rankings, measuring reach, propensity for virality, engagement, and potential earnings per post.

About Steven Fowler

Steven Fowler is a Founding Partner of Jivoo a Digital Transformation company focused on IoT, Cloud, and Data Analytics based solutions. Steven is a top 100 IoT Influencer and award winning IoT Leader and certified Solution Architect. Steven presents at prominent conferences such as IoT Evolution EXPO, Predictive Analytics World, and IoT Solutions World Congress.

About is the leading Internet of Things resource online today. A top 80,000 Global Ranked site helping bring together 1000s of clients and providers

​Online since 2010, Postscapes has earned its reputation as a leading destination for early adopters and thought leaders in the Internet of Things space.

Postscapes is in the process of blanketing our planet with billions of networked sensors and actuators. These devices are embedded in consumer products, industrial systems, and the built and natural environment. Once connected to each other, and to us, they will fundamentally transform our planet by acting as a single, distributed entity. This “one machine” will reshape social interactions, market dynamics, and “nature” itself.

Posted: July 9, 2017
Tags: IoT  Speaking 
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